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Coming to the CHICAGO THEATRE, March 3:

Stephanie Miller's SEXY LIBERAL SHOW!

Popular and nominated for lots stuff!... http://www.sexyliberal.com - (See this site for shows in OTHER CITIES, like: MADISON, PHOENIX, MINNEAPOLIS, BOSTON, L.A., SEATTLE!!)

Tickets available from the Chicago Theatre 312.462.6300, 175 N State St, Chicago, IL 60601.

Or from TICKETMASTER: http://www.ticketmaster.com/event/07004761B19A9564?artistid=1587829&majorcatid=10002&minorcatid=51

LISTEN TO STEPH: via WCPT AM 820, FM 92.5, 92.7 or 99.9, or via http://www.stephaniemiller.com
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what's so funny about peace love and understanding?

1 - Anybody know how I can get a copy of the WCPT Dance Factory Radio DJ MIX tonight, 1-3:am? It sounds very Indie.

2 - Speaking of Indie: MORRISSEY will be in Chicago, November 10! Congress Theater. Who wants to go with me? I don't know what the rest of his tour dates are...

3 - "The capitol is 10 blocks from my house. These protests are literally on my front door step. Pretty intense, and don't let the news fool you, the police did use pepper spray against a peaceful assembly. The crowds were even screaming "peaceful" when being pushed off of public property. The area is swarming with police keeping the public off the capital and off the park grounds. Hickenlooper even signed a proclamation saying the public property is currently closed to the public." - (from an LJ friend, Denver)


We don't really think of protests, like the ones currently going on around the world, as crises - like a natural disaster or an accident - but they really are. For the people being pepper-sprayed; figuring out camping logistics, dealing with the elements; becoming injured or sick, or even experiencing poor or low nutrition, hydration, or ANXIETY, these events are indeed true emergencies. And, many of the people protesting are already at the end of their ropes, having lost their homes or jobs.

So, any info, ideas or help, going out to these folks, or networking to help them somehow, would be welcomed to be posted here in the following progressive community. Protesters in need are of course also welcomed.

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My latest TOP 10 DANCE FAVS:

"Happiness" - Alexis Jordan - Relentlessly cool ascending chord changes!
"U-Turn" - Samantha - "Burn motherfucker burn"
"Restlessness" - Wendel Kos featuring Rose - vocals remind me of beloved Leigh Nash
"Hate To Love" - Alex Sayz featuring Evi - Decent lyrics compared to GaGa
"Something Like a Party" - School Gyrls - #6 - Mix/vocals blurred - still great - Kesha-like.
"Dirty Talk" - Wynter Gordon - Nice tricks w/lyrics/beat.
"Rude Boy" - Rihanna - #5 - (great video) - I told you she is GREAT!!!
"Break Your Heart" - Taio Cruz Featuring Ludacris - #14
"Kissin' U" - Miranda Cosgrove - TV star - sounds like LaVigne - hot and rising
"Heartbreak on Vinyl" - Blake Lewis - Finally hit #1 (5/22 Wiki) - WHAT DID I TELL YA?

#'s = rankings in BILLBOARD http://www.billboard.com/charts/dance-club-play-songs
See Wiki Billboard list: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Number-one_dance_airplay_hits_of_2010_(U.S.)